There are 10k heroes to be created thus every hero minted by each player will be a unique one. Each hero minted possesses various sets of traits. Each trait increases your hero’s power in the game, which gives back higher rewards.
The multi-mode
strategy game
“Easy to learn, hard to master”, Empireland features real-time tactics gameplay using unlimited combinations of monsters - heroes - soldiers - skills to create an addictive game. In addition, there are multiple modes in the game to help players to enjoy the game while casually earning exclusive rewards. The game also adds RPG and MOBA elements where players can gradually level up their heroes, find rare items to improve their power.
A True DAO system
DAO system is built likely as a political regime simulator. The parties involved in the DAO share power and benefits gained from the in-game economy. The economy policies, the plots, the characters are developed upon mutual agreements from all parties including landlords, citizens and tokens holders.
Max Rogue
7 years experience in tech product development. Operation Director at one of the biggest IT companies in Vietnam. Co-running 1 venture capital in blockchain industry
Business Development Director for Waggle Network. OG Ambassador for Solanium. 8 years experience in business development
Content Specialist
10+ years experience in Tech/Media industry. Currently working for one of the biggest Media companies in Vietnam.
Paven Do
Blockchain Specialist
Head of Development of FPT Blockchain Lab; CTO & cofounder of Spores Network; PhD candidate at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Quang tran
Senior Blockchain Dev
MSc at University of Houston
Toan Nguyen
Tech Lead
Tech lead, senior blockchain developer, MSc at UIT
Anh Nguyen Dong
Game Design Lead
Lead Game Designer and Economy Designer on 2 NFT game project.
Art Lead
6 years of experience in game design, worked for 3NFT game project
To be announced!
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